Western to Eastern Armenian Dictionary

Western to Eastern Armenian Dictionary

A must for first time Western Armenian Visitors to Armenia.

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The Eastern & Western Armenian dialects can seem more different than alike at times, just looking at the list of some of the words I remember having to relearn can show you what I mean.

Note: this dictionary contains a fair amount of street slang, which is what I seemed to use a lot of.

In many instances the K and G sounds are reversed, as well as the B and P. The nouns can easily be substituted with the local word, but getting the verbs down is much more of a challenge. I do not recommend even trying, just keep repeating yourself, but if you must, you change the W. Armenian order of Verb+Person+Tense to Verb+Tense+Person, and on top of that, exchange any "gor" tenses with an "um". That should do it for the most part. The Armenian below is spelled phonetically, much like Spanish.

Western Armenian Eastern Armenian English
hos estegh here
parev barev hello
hon endegh there
asang sens like this
anang nens like that
inchu inchu; khi why
inch bes vonts how
t'kal g'tal spoon
cavat bajhag cup; glass
chur jur water
aghd geghd dirt
hund serm seed
ganche zange to call (by phone)
(Varies) alo hello (when answering phone)
otanav inknatir/samaliot airplane
angoghin cravat bed
khent gijh crazy
tram pogh money
oto mekena car
loknal loghanal to bathe
vargian rope minute
yerk-vargian vargian second
gukamgor kalisem i'm coming
gertamgor g'numem i'm going
noren eli again
gaghant surp dz'nunt christmas
gaghant baba ts'mer babik santa claus
iraven iskabes really
jampa janabar road
hing u ges hing ants ges 5:30 (time)
shabig mica t-shirt
votk vod foot
tserk tser hand
payd ped wood
lav e lav a it is good
atamant briliant diamond
kebab khorovadz BBQ
tun du you
dun dan house
iren n'ra his/her
kesh vad bad
yeghpayr aghper brother
v'sta hastad for certain
ajhan ejhan cheap
bagh tsurd cold
??? naft kerosene
zarnel kh'pel to hit
sh'nel zarkel to make
hargav i harge of course
ts'ke toghe let go/leave
adzilvil trashvil to shave

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