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All the text and graphics I have produced for Cilicia is copyrighted. Many of the pages, including my fonts, graphics and lists are the result of days and weeks of work, and often dozens of visitor submissions. I have now had to deal with numerous instances of my web site materials being stolen by other webmasters who do not want to spend any time creating new content and only want to sell banner ads. I do not look upon this kindly. If you want to use my material, ask me if it is okay.

If you have any questions about my materials, or about use, you can contact me by via the feedback link. You can link to my web site as much as you like, that is always flattering. Simply taking my stuff is stealing, not flattery! I do not have a specific policy on use of my materials. I tend to be more willing to allow their use for non-web projects. If you like things on the web, link to them, don't just take them. As you can see, I have felt forced to put an ugly "" overlay on all my photos. This makes my site much uglier and wastes my time, but it seems to be the only way I can prevent people from just helping themselves. Individuals, businesses, organizations and even governments!!

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