Azerbaijan rewards murderer of Armenian

In case you’ve somehow missed the story, here’s a quick summary.  In 2004 an Azeri military officer and an Armenian military officer (among many others) were attending a NATO Partnership for Peace language training course in Hungary.  The Azeri officer, named Ramil Safarov, says he felt that the Armenian officer had in some way insulted Azerbaijan.  Whether that was simply by being Armenian or by saying something is not clear.  What is clear is that that night, Safarov went and hacked the Armenian officer to death while he slept, almost severing his head.  He was sentenced to life in prison by Hungary.

About a week ago it was announced that Azerbaijan may be buying three billion Euros worth of Hungarian bonds.  Yes, 3,000,000,000 Euros worth.  Armenia heard rumors that Azerbaijan was trying to get Safarov returned to them, and called Hungary on it, which denied it up to the last minute.  Then Hungary sent him back to Azerbaijan anyway.  Azerbaijan had apparently promised that Safarov would have to spend at least 25 years in jail before being eligible for parole, based on Azeri law.

A jet was charted from Azerbaijan to pick up their new national hero.  He be brought back, given a free apartment, 8 years of military back pay, and a promotion.  He had a meeting with the Minister of Defense, and the President put a photo of this “national hero” on his Facebook page.

What are we to make of all of this?  We know that Azerbaijanis hate Armenians for merely existing.  They’ve made this abundantly clear.  They try to wipe our existence off of the face off the earth every way they can.  They’ve destroyed centuries old Armenian masterpiece khachkars in Hin Jugha, Armenian monasteries, declared that all Armenians everywhere in the world are enemies of Azerbaijan, and have forbidden any ethnic Armenian from any country to visit Azerbaijan, unless and Azeri organization can literally guarantee their safety.  This is their stated policy, and they have told me this in person at their embassy.  They are saying in no uncertain terms that their people are bloodthirsty, murderous animals, who will slit Armenian throats at every opportunity they get – much like they did in Sumgait and Baku most recently in the late 1980s as they hunted Armenians to death from door to door as the police stood by or helped. Read the hunting knife reviews for more info on that.

The Armenian President suspended relations with Hungary immediately and demanded the international community condemn this act.

His first action was correct, his second, meaningless.  We don’t need their condemnations, we don’t need their opinions.  Azerbaijan is a spoiled brat, that wants every one of us dead.  They also continue to threaten war to retake Karabakh.  Enough is enough.  It is so abundantly clear that the Armenians of Karabakh can never live under any sort of Azeri rule or supposed autonomy, and that the word and guarantee of the Azeri government is worth less than a pile of cow manure.

Armenia must recognize Karabakh’s independence immediately.  No more negotiations, there is nothing to discuss any more.  Azerbaijan is not a country that can be trusted.  Not when it promises to keep a murderer in jail, not when it promises Karabakh autonomy, not when it has one Armenian within its reach.

It is game over.  If the international community wants any outcome other than Karabakh independence, let them come and attack Karabakh themselves.  They’re worthless, their words are even more worthless, and we need to learn that nobody will take care of us but ourselves.

Armenia must recognize Karabakh today, and tell these hypocritical countries that are expressing dismay at this action to put their money where their mouth is and recognize Karabakh’s independence, just like they did Kosovo.

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