Smoke free coffee and sandwiches

Long overdue in Yerevan is a spot for a coffee and a sandwich, salad or bagel… without cigarette smoke!!  It’s July, it’s hot out, and although I love the outdoor cafes, this cool new air conditioned cafe is a long overdue option in the Yerevan food scene.  Normally I go to outdoor cafes in the summer to avoid the smoke, but even sitting outdoors the smoke is ever present.

They go to great lengths to secure the cleanest ingredients they can – organic when possible.  The salads are great, plus they have sandwiches, bagels and some baked goods which I haven’t tried yet.  Coffee (including to go), beer, and some other drinks round out the simple menu.

Literally a breath of fresh air.


  1. Small steps, but oh so welcome!

  2. Thanks for the kind words! We look forward to hearing more stories of Yerevan getting greener and healthier!