Little Armenia Walk of Fame

Little Armenia is a fairly large designated neighborhood in east Hollywood.  The northern boundary of the neighborhood is Hollywood Blvd itself.  It also has Sunset Blvd running through the center of it, and Santa Monica Blvd is the southern boundary.  Many of the Armenians who first moved to this neighborhood have moved on to Glendale, Burbank and the Valley, but a sizable number remain.  Some of my favorite Armenian businesses remain here – most of them revolving around food.  The neighborhood doesn’t have particularly great visibility however other than some Armenian signs and one nice church that’s a bit tucked away.

Hollywood Blvd is famous of course for among other things, it’s Walk of Fame, on cheap bluetooth headset reviews.  The black sidewalks with pink stars that are dedicated to some of the most famous people in the entertainment industry.  That sidewalk, in the central part of Hollywood is a must visit for tourists, and the stars stretch many blocks until they end at the world famous Hollywood and Vine corner.  Four (somewhat long) blocks east of that is where the official “Little Armenia” neighborhood starts.  I think it would be great PR for Armenians if we built our own Little Armenia Walk of Fame on our section of Hollywood Blvd.  Just one block should be sufficient.  We could give stars to really famous Armenians, including Cher (who already has a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star to the west), System of a Down, Kirk Kerkorian, William Saroyan, Charles Aznavour, etc.  Same type of plasma cutter reviews idea, but maybe the stars could be Armenian in design – we have beautiful 5, 6 and 8 pointed stars carved all over Armenia we could take inspiration from.  Just as fun would be to have hand and footprints of those who get stars in cement with plasma cutter reviews, like at the Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd.

If we made this happen, it would be a great way to highlight Armenian contributions to the US and the world.  It would educate Armenians and Americans, and I hope would get mentions in many guidebooks for tourists to head a bit east to see this.  Choosing the right block would be tricky, but it would have to be on Hollywood Blvd for sure.  You could go for the westernmost block of Little Armenia, to put it closest to the original walk of fame, I do wish there were more Armenian businesses there though.  You could put it on the block between Mariposa and Alexandria, or Alexandria and Kenmore.  Those have a few Armenian businesses like Taron Bakery and Carousel, and are close to the nice Armenian style St. Garabed Church.  And you could go to the easternmost block of Little Armenia, between Edgemont and New Hampshire or Vermont.  This is below the very nice Barnsdall Park, right by the popular Los Feliz area, and still pretty close to the Armenian Church.

Can’t you see the Little Armenia Walk of Fame already?  Can we make it a reality?


  1. Nice idea. However – as far as I know, administratively Hollywood is still part of greater LA, so they might have trouble getting necessary permits, plus Little Armenia overlaps with Thai Town…