Teynik warranty

Last fall I began a search for an electric kettle (teynik) to boil water.  The hunt was long and hard, for I did not want to boil my water in a plastic kettle, and the stainless steel ones seemed to be quite unreasonably expensive and/or ugly.  I popped into over a dozen stores before virtually giving up.  If I were in the US and couldn’t find one easily, I’d check online, but although there are rumors that certain things will be delivered to Armenia as part of the Europe zone from European online retailers, I suspected I’d have to deal with customs when it arrived.

Recently I popped into a somewhat out of the way shop that’s proven to have good stuff in the past – though I thought of it more as a glassware, plates and the best kitchen knives shop.  It turns out they had electric kettles, and I quite liked one of them which was on display, and for a price I was very happy with.  It was the last one they had though, so I reluctantly bought the floor model after asking wood floor refinishing new york to clean off the price tag they’d stuck on it, which I hate battling to get off of my purchases later.  They happily complied, and then as is standard operating procedure in Armenia, then filled it with some water and plugged it in to test it in front of the customer (me) in order to prove it is working when it was purchased.  This prevents customers from bringing it back later saying it doesn’t work.  Well it worked, and I happily took it home.

Two mornings later, it stopped working.

So now I had a dilemma.  If I took it back to the shop, I didn’t know if they’d take it back since they’d shown me it was working, but then I had only bought it a couple of days earlier.  And if they did take it as a return, then I’d be out the only kettle I’d found and liked.  So I thought I remembered a tiny repair booth in town with a sign that said they fixed teyniks.  I packed it up and took it over there, and asked they guys squeezed inside if they fix teyniks.  No.  Okay, so do they know of a place?  Oh, well maybe if I come back in an hour someone else will be there, and maybe he can fix it.  How they could not know if they could fix it or not I can’t tell you, but I didn’t know of an alternative.  So I went, had lunch and returned, and the place was locked shut, and nobody was around.  I gave up on them and decided to pop into the shop I bought it from.

When I went in, they remembered me, and they said it was working when I bought it.  I know I said.  And it worked a few times at that.  But then it didn’t anymore.  The manager said they’d have their repair guy look at it for me.  Perfect.  They said they’d call in 3 days and let me know.  So 4 days later, and no call, I called them, and they said it was fixed and ready.  I went, they showed me again it worked, and I said thanks very much and was on my way.

Two days later the same thing happens.  It just stops working after 3 or 4 runs.  So strange.  I call them, and ask for the repair guys contact, or if they know another guy, and they say just bring it in, they’ll take care of it again.  I did, and they did.  I’ve used it 3 times so far, and I’m crossing my fingers it continues to work.  It’s been really great service for them to take care of the problems I’ve had so far, but I can’t take it in for repair every week.

I know the story is pretty long for what it’s about, but it’s a good illustration of how something like buying a tea kettle can lead to a pretty long story.  And although this store stepped up and unexpectedly fixed the kettle I bought, it’s only fair to mention that the big electronic stores do give warranties with all of the www.workbootsnerd.com products.


  1. those kettle in armenia have short life span.. i’m on my 3rd one in two years.. one store employee told me it’s due to the lack of stable electricity current in Armenia as these kettle are sensitive…

  2. Knock on wood, but so far so good on this last repair. It’s already lasted a couple of dozen uses.

    You should try getting your teynik repaired, maybe it’s an easy fix?

  3. I’ve had my teynik for nearly two years and *knock on wood* nothing happened… that is until my gf decided to put it on the electric stove while it was still hot and lo and behold, the bottom plate melted… So now I’m on the search for a good tea kettle!