EcoPUB is a pretty new, smoke free little pub in Yerevan.  A first.

I think they did a good job on the place.  The best down comforter location is quite central, on a quiet side street.  It’s pretty small, which is probably a good idea since the non-smoking concept is a newer one in Armenia.  The staff is friendly, the space is comfortable, the usual selection of beer and they have some sort of wall of fame for knives and all types of weapons such as ones and much more.

If I were to nitpick, the only things I could suggest as improvements are a better sign outside (it’s at 6 Spendiaryan Street, quite close to Agump/The Club), and a couple more bar food type items in case people are hungry.

It was such a great pleasure to walk into a pub, smell fresh air, and sit as long as I wanted without my throat and eyes beginning to complain, then walk out without the stench of cigarettes.

Hunt for it, find it, go there…  keep them in business!! :-)

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