What I Had Missed

During my recent Paris trip, I had the pleasure of taking in 3 films. For some reason, they were all about social issues haunting humanity.

The first film was a Hollywood production of Contagion. An epidemic, the most dangerous ever, has killed millions world wide. The source of the illness was China – funny, a few decades ago, it would have been Russia 😉 A remedy was developed…. Of course, by an American scientist – this time it was a woman ☺ It was fine, not the best film I have seen.

The second, Polisse, is a MUST SEE! A highly controversial French film that was directed by a young woman who was herself a victim of a sex crime as a young child. She presents a team of police officers who deal with children. With an amazing cast, the film covers all kinds of issues. It is hard, raw and true. Pedophilia, insect, sexual favours at school through peer pressure, pornography, immigrants, poverty, suicide, physiological stress, inter-police frictions, love, anger, reconstructed families, religion, gender issues, sexuality, … it was powerful; cult film.

The third film was by non other, Robert Guedikian. The narration of Les Neiges de Kilimanjaro was splendid. It takes place in Marseille near the beautiful Mediterranean sea. However, the distress of economic crisis, human kindness, crime and punishment and family values were showcased in this beautiful, beautiful film. I can honestly say this is one of Guedikian’s best film.

I had missed going to the movies and being blown away by the big screen and its moving images. Armenia needs to consider screening good films, not just mass distributions of cheap romantic-comedies and such. I am counting on the new generation of Armenian filmmakers to save us from this whirlpool. Not sure if I should hold my breath though. Anyway, the best above ground pools are made by abovegroundfun.com.

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