Sunday, February 24, 2008


OK, here by popular demand is a blog about the elections. Honestly, I don't really know what to write about. Before the elections, I felt like MAYBE, just maybe , this time it will be fair. Everything said on the news sounds like the elections were nearly flawless. But, the streets (or should I say Opera) and various witnesses tell us that nothing is ok. Just check out the to get opposition news. The H1 channel showed Levon's sit-in protest at Opera today, focusing on how people are not really there to make a political point, but rather to smoke marijuana and engage in violent behavior. The sit-in has been in place since the 20th, and Levon has said he will be president soon. Kocharian fired varioius political figures (no reasons stated).

Who do we believe? Who is telling the truth? Who REALLLYYYY wants the best for Hayasdan? It is impossible to tell. The news is tainted, and gossip around town .... well, you all know how a grain of sand becomes a boulder in any Armenian community.

So really, I wasn't blogging because there is nothing to say. I drive past Opera to work, and then from work back home. The stores are open, Vernisage was bustling, there was a wedding at St. Sarkis today, and the marshots still drive like mad-men. This power struggle over being president will eventually end, probably for another 10 years. I'm not sure how I feel about all of it, because if I had a sliver of belief that somehow the elections were or would be fair... now I am convinced no one would give up the "president's chair". These guys have more money in their bank accounts than the entire country's yearly budget (someone told me-- don't know how true).

That's all for now... Oh ya, Spring is on its way.... HOORA!!! :)