Friday, January 11, 2008


As you know, I've started working at Orran as the Academic Coordnator, and so starting February I need volunteers to head activities for the following:

-Computer (excel, word, powerpoint, photoshop)
-Drawing / Painting
-Film History
-Martial Arts

Each activity will be once or twice a week, for about an hour each.

If you think you can help (but you have to know Armenian), then email me--


Thursday, January 10, 2008


Imagine you’re a woman, married, with children, living with your in-laws in a small apartment.

Imagine that whenever you decide to go somewhere or to visit someone, for example your own mother, you have to ask permission first from your husband, then your mother-in-law then the rest and most of the time the answer would be no, because …there is always a reason or no reason it doesn’t matter at the end.

Imagine always having a big fear to voice your opinion even on simple things, fearing the worst…

Imagine that one day you had enough of all this and you decide to get help to leave or to change your situation…

And then imagine that there is nowhere you can go, that the whole thing is a big conspiracy against women and that the police will most of the time mock you for exposing your family life and problems to everyone…or the only Women’s Shelter for battered women will tell you that they are “sorry but the shelter is closed for lack of funding and empathy” or the help-hotline not answering your call for technical problems (the lines have been cut because of change of address for unlimited time).

Imagine all the looks, all the judgments and prejudice against you; in you own family, in your work place, at the market, from the neighbors…

Imagine a husband threatening you to take your kids away, and you are almost sure he will since it is possible to find a way to bribe the judge…since you don’t have more money to give a bigger bribe.

Imagine you are the director of a Women’s Center in Armenia and you meet women in these situations more and more and you feel completely helpless and most of all angry because you feel that what you are doing is not enough.

That is how I am feeling these days. I need to do something about it; we all need to do something about it…

Happy New Year!

Friday, January 04, 2008

A Few Good Men

Today, I decided to go buy myself a Christmas gift from Zig Zag. While we were waiting for the car to warm up, a man walked by selling car air fresheners. Of course we decided to buy one, so I took out my wallet from my jacket's pocket to get 100 drams. We went to ZigZag and did our shopping, and time came to pay. I put my hand in my pocket, and my wallet wasn't there! I went down to the car and looked EVERYWHERE... no wallet. Immediately, I told Dav, maybe people found it and gave it inside, but he said, "where do you think you are? this is Hayasdan!". I was so disappointed in myself. 2 years ago today my purse was stolen... and now my wallet is gone?! Anyway, I went back upstairs to tell the sales guy I wasn't gonna buy anything. When we came down, we noticed 3 men following us. Just as we were stepping out, a few workers approached us with the wallet, and those 3 men said they were the ones who found it and turned it into the employees. I was sooooooooo happy!!! I couldn't believe that people were nice enough to return my wallet, which had money, cards, and stuff in there! I wanted to hug those men!!! Instead, Dav and I took those 3 men from Abovian to eat khngali as a thank you! We also bought a cake for the ZigZag emloyees.... It was so encouraging to find out there are good people around!

So Hayasdan has honest and good people too... just like anywhere else. To all those pessimists who don't believe in this country.... a big :)~

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

That's all I have to say just now :-)