Thursday, July 10, 2003


I was away for too long already. busy, busy, busy...

We havee managed to meet the deadline and have British Council Armenia new office
open for public starting from 8 July. I was working on the IT side setting up
the equipment, organising the IT installations and etc.

The office is a very modern one, and it offeres services to the public such as
internet access, English language exams, advice in studing in UK etc. Some of
you might have heard about British Council Armenia from a theatre show called

Anyway if you want to read more about British Council Armenia visit
or Baghramian 24. Or look at some photos.

Coming to the life in Yerevan I would say that it's very hot here. The Republic
squere is still under construction. One of the things that i love here is the
ice-cream. It tasts wonderful. You can get almost any kind. Another thing that
I would advise a visitor to do is to go to "Kino Moskva" summer hall
to watch movies. You can take your ice cream with you.


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