Friday, March 21, 2003

it is african-american culture week here. the cultural awareness is provided by the us embassy in the form of a movie marathon. on monday arthur and i went to malcolm x, and on tuesday we went to beloved. we missed wednesday and thursday which was remember the titans, and the jackie robinson story respectively, and tonight we will attend the last of the movie series... ghosts of mississippi. this was a great idea and i am happy that this week took place here... as judging from the audience... i think we sure do need more awareness in this country. i think that more of these marathons are necessary and i am happy that we got to experience this along with the locals, reminding us of the plight of our african-american brothers and sisters...

speaking of our brothers and sisters around the world i just have to say i am sick to my stomach. i have been watching cnn, and bbc and russian sources which seem to be a bit different and in my opinion more informative (although i speak russian like i am one and a half years old)... watching this war... is hurting and scarring and damaging to my understanding of right/wrong, peace and international policy/affairs. we attended a peace vigil... a group of caring and interested citizens of the world got together last week to light candles and pray for peace. we will light candles again this sunday for peace. many people are telling me it will not make a difference... but i feel i need to show my compassion for humanity, for an alternative to the bloodshed which has destoroyed our civilization for many a millenium.

i have a house guest staying with me from los angeles. she was on her way here for the meeting and while in the air she learned her meeting had been cancelled because of the war. she decided to come anyways and visit arthur and i. yesterday we went to the beautiful saghmosavank, as narineh and i worked together on the vank in 1998 and because we had never seen it in the snow. there was soo much snow we could not get to it... but it looked beautiful from afar... and we cherished it from a distance.

yesterday arthur had a tv interview and he said one of the most romantic things i have ever heard. i thought i would share it with you because it is soo cute. the show is called RENGEN, which in russian means x-ray. it was shot at the hospital where they placed arthur on the x-ray machine... lighted up a different part of his body and asked questions. first they lighted his forehead and asked about his thoughts... then his ears and asked what he likes to listen to... you get the point.
well they finally got to his eyes and they said... what is the most beautiful thing your eyes have ever seen... and he said... ELI ACHKER (another set of eyes)... and he was talking about me and it was sooo beautiful. a few minutes later we burst into laughter when they asked if they could show his stomach and asks what he likes to eat. since his belly has gotten quite big he got on the defense... and said... why dont you tape something else and ask me where i like to sit...

there is another demonstration today, it is sunny, and so people are mobbing by me through the window... looks like it will be a big turnout. as for me, i will catch up with my work and emails... then go to russian class, ghosts of mississippi and then dancing with friends.


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